Hi! My name is [Melvyn Tan](https://melvyn.me). I'm a strategy consultant. I also run a one-person digital business out of Singapore. The notes you find here are written to help me think, understand, and formulate new ideas for my work. The methodology used in writing these notes is loosely based on Dr Sönke Ahrens's book, *[How To Take Smart Notes](https://www.amazon.com/How-Take-Smart-Notes-Nonfiction/dp/1542866502)*, where each note: - Contains only one idea - Includes "why it matters" - Is written in my own words Feel free to link to these notes but know that they are updated regularly to reflect my latest thinking. If you'd like to discuss about these notes, you can reach me via [email](mailto:[email protected]), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/melvyndotme), or [LinkedIn](https://linkedin.com/in/melvyndotme).